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All owners desiring for their horse to be marketed by Odyssey Farm are required to sign an Equine Sales & Marketing Agreement. This agreement includes the horse's complete information, terms of payment and commission, owner's desired asking and final sale price, and any other specific considerations relevant to the sale of the horse as specified by the owner. Upon signing, the owner attests to the full, lawful ownership of the horse to be sold, as well as their complete authority to initiate sale proceedings. This record is kept on file in efforts to guarantee complete transparency for all parties involved in the sale and purchase of the horse.

All horses are sold with a written purchase agreement that must be signed by the new owner of the horse before its departure. This agreement covers both buyer and seller information, terms of payment, and all standard terms of purchase and bill of sale as required by law.

Additionally, the agreement includes the Purchaser's acknowledgements of the following:

  • Upon receipt of the purchase price (in cleared funds), the ownership of the Horse shall pass from the Seller to the Purchaser.

  • The Seller strongly recommends that the Purchaser adequately insures the Horse (preferably covering third party liability, major medical, mortality, theft, and loss of use) prior to or immediately upon payment.

  • Responsibility for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever caused by the Horse shall pass to the Purchaser.

  • The Seller will release possession of the Horse to the Purchaser or his/her employee/agent together with all required documents.

  • The Purchaser (or another person designated by the Purchaser) in coordination with the Seller will arrange for the transportation of the Horse from the Seller’s premises, (at the Seller’s and the Purchaser’s convenience) at the Purchaser’s expense.

  • If the Horse is not collected immediately upon ownership of the Horse passing from the Seller to the Purchaser, the Purchaser agrees to indemnify the Seller against all costs incurred in caring for the Horse until the Horse is collected by the Purchaser or his employee/agent. Any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused by the Horse while the Horse is at the Seller’s premises awaiting collection by the Purchaser shall be the Purchaser’s responsibility.

  • The Purchaser acknowledges that the Seller makes no representation as to the past, current, or future health, fitness, performance, ability or material defects which the Purchaser acknowledges have been disclosed by the Seller.

  • The Purchaser has inspected the Horse and is satisfied with its health, fitness, ability, and suitability for Purchaser's desired purpose.

  • The Purchaser acknowledges that they have been given the right and opportunity to conduct a veterinary inspection and pre-purchase exam, which the Purchaser may instruct a vet to perform at his/her discretion. In accepting or declining the opportunity to have the Horse inspected by a vet, the Purchaser waives all rights to bring a claim against the Seller in respect of any matter revealed or which should have been revealed by the vet during that inspection.

  • In the event the opportunity to conduct a veterinary inspection and/or pre-purchase exam is declined by the Purchaser, the Purchaser agrees that they are purchasing the horse in "as is" condition.

  • The Purchaser accepts that horses are unpredictable by nature and that horseback riding is a high risk sport. The Seller is unable to predict how any horse will mature or develop under new ownership however the Seller will provide full details of the Horse’s routine and current exercise/feed/tack requirements in order to give the Horse the best opportunity of settling into its new home. Neither Seller, Seller's agent, nor Odyssey Farm shall be responsible for any damage, injury, illness, behavioral change, or any other loss sustained to or caused by the Horse as a result of the Purchaser's choice to deviate from the recommended management and/or care of the Horse.

All horses, regardless of whether or not a pre-purchase exam has been conducted, are seen by a veterinarian on behalf of the Seller and Odyssey Farm prior to departure. This is to ensure the horse is fit and ready for travel, as well as to provide a final record of the horse's condition in the event of any occurrence or injury during transport or after delivery of the horse to the Purchaser. 


All sales are final, however our goal is to achieve the perfect match. Odyssey Farm may at its sole discretion agree to take back a horse in order to sell on behalf of the Purchaser. The following conditions apply to this re-sale option:

  • The Horse must be returned in the same condition it was in when it left the premises.

  • The Horse must not be injured or blemished in any way.

  • The Horse must not be freezemarked or have ID brands on its feet or a replacement microchip inserted.

  • Odyssey Farm reserves the right to have a veterinarian inspect the Horse on its return.

  • Any boarding fees, training fees, or other service charges will be assessed at the current rate and shall be the sole responsibility of the Horse's owner.​​

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